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Jun 23

The Bio-mechanics of Throwing


I came across this video a few years ago but nothing I had found really broke down and walked through the mechanics of disc golf throw from the t-box as well as this video. I watched it and with a little practice at implementing what was in the video I was able to see big a big increase in my distance and accuracy.


Here is a little information about the guys in the video if you're unfamiliar with who they are. You've got two amazing pros in this video giving some great advice.


Dave Feldberg is one of the top 5 ranked disc golf players in the world. Dave’s career highlights include seven time major champion, all time leader with 17 national tour wins, two time player of the year, 3 time PDGA points leader, 3 time national series champion, winner of 11 country titles, and over 100 professional wins.


Ken Climo is a professional disc golfer and some consider him to be the best player to have ever played the game. Climo has claimed Twelve PDGA World Championship titles, including nine in as many years from 1990 to 1998, and 3 Masters World Titles (2012, 2014, & 2015)


The video is about 30 mins long but It is 100% worth the watch if you're wanting to know the little things to do right.




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  • Combat Disc Golf welcomes you to the game of disc golf! This is a wonderful and relaxing game that can still be just a frustrating as normal golf, just ask Doc. Anyways, I'm going to break down the numbers you see on a disc golf disc so you can better understand what kind of disc you need. It's important to note that each company has it's unique system that breaks down what the disc will do. Here you will be able to find the explanation of each companies number system and once you understand each companies system you can compare the discs. Before we launch into the numbers lets talk about some basic terms so that you'll understand what other people are telling you out on the course. Stability is a description of the disc’s flight path. Understable means a flight that turns right (RHBH throw). Also called a turnover shot. Stable is a flight that doesn’t turn. Overstable refers to a flight that turns left (RHBH throw). Hyzer is a shot turning with the spin of the disc. For RHBH players the shot turns left. For LHBH players the shot would turn right. Common with overstable discs. Anhyzer is a shot that turns away from the spin of the disc. For RHBH players the shot turns right. For LHBH players the shot turns left. Common with understable discs. Spike/Spike Hyzer is a shot that lands almost vertically and doesn’t skip. Skip is a shot that is meant to fly after it hits the ground. Roller is a shot that powers the disc over onto it's side and rolls across the ground. S-Curve is when the disc takes the path of an S in the air. Having an S curve can help maximize distance. Speed : Speed is the rate at which a disc can travel through the air. A disc's speed can range from 1 to 14. Speed 14 Distance Drivers are the fastest, having the PDGA maximum legal wing width. Faster discs cut into the wind with less effort and are best when throwing up wind. Slower discs take more power to throw upwind, but they’re easier to throw more accurately and may actually go farther downwind. High speed discs are not recommended for beginners as they require more power to fly properly. Glide: Glide is how well the disc will stay in the air. Some discs work harder at staying in the air than others. Discs that are more overstable generally have lower glide ratings, as they fight to get the ground more quickly in their flights, while understable discs often have higher glide ratings and tend to turn up away from the ground. If a disc has a higher glide rating, it is often more effective for longer shots, but lower glide ratings are helpful on discs used for approaches. Discs with more glide are best for new players, and for producing maximum distance. Beginners wanting more distance should choose discs with more glide. Discs with less glide are more accurate in high wind situations. Turn: Turn is used to describe the tendency of a disc to turn over or bank to the right (for RHBHthrows) during the initial part of the flight. Turn often appears as a negative number, as the disc is fighting against its natural finish when turning right. In general a disc with a + rating is more resistant to turning over, while a - ratings will turn over easier the more negative the ranking. Discs with less turn are more accurate in the wind. Discs with more turn are easier to throw for beginners. Fade: Fade is the discs tendency to hook left (for RHBH throws) at the end of the flight. For a right hand backhand thrower, fade describes how sharply to the left a disc will finish its flight. Discs with higher fade will generally be more overstable and hit the ground on steeper angles. High fade discs are usually used for Spike and Skip shots. Disc Weight: Disc weight is something that will effect the flight of the disc across every manufacturer. In general, heavier discs of the same disc will be slightly more overstable than the lighter version. Experienced players will select the weight that is best for their throwing style. Some will need max weight discs because they have a lot of power on their throws. Other players prefer a lighter disc that is easier to turn over and get a nice S-curve out out of the disc with minimal effort. For beginners we recommend a lighter disc until you learn the fundamentals and the technique required to get a strong powerful throw. Plastic: Discs come in a variety of different types of plastics from each manufacture. In general, each manufacture has low grade cheaper plastic to high grade more expensive plastics with different grades between. This varies greatly between the manufactures but the lower grade plastics will wear out and get beat in faster than the higher grade counterparts. Innova : Innova Flight System: The Innova Flight Ratings System was designed as a way to describe a discs intended flight for right hand backhand (RHBH) throws. Innova Flight Ratings are broken into four main categories: Speed , Glide , Turn , & F ade . It's Important to note that the numbers are listed in this order on the discs and the characteristics can be used to rate various aspects of each disc’s flight. Each disc has a distinct "personality" that is called the flight path and it is unique to that disc. Other companies have adopted a similar system, but it’s important to note that flight ratings shouldn’t be used to compare discs between brands since each company rates discs differently. Innova flight ratings explanation video: Innova: Different plastics can affect the flight ratings of the discs, especially the longer range drivers. Generally Champion and Glow Champion produce discs with less high speed turn than the other premium plastics like Star, GStar, and Driver Pro. All of the Premium plastics like Star, GStar, Champion, and Driver Pro will retain their original flight characteristics for an extended period of time. Plastics like DX, XT, KC Pro, and R-Pro Plastic will change flight characteristics over time more quickly than our premium plastics. This is a desirable trait for some people who will carry the same model in multiple stages of wear to get different flights for different situations while throwing the same mold. For more information on Innova plastic click here: https://www.innovadiscs.com/home/disc-golf-faq/plastic-types-overview/ Discraft Discraft flilght system is a different from Innova. It spans from -3 to +3. Lets take a look at the positive numbers first. At the far end of this scale is a stability rating of +3.0, which indicates a very overstable and difficult to control disc, such as the driver, which has a rating of 2.5. Discs with a high stability rating will have a tendancy to ' hyzer ,' and you may find it challenging to keep them flying straight. The other end of the scale is a rating of -3.0, which indicates a very understable disc. These are much more easy to control, especially when the discs are new. Nearly all discs become somewhat less overstable (more understable) as they wear. * Some of the newer Discraft discs will show the Innova flight ranking system AND the disc craft number next to it for easier comparison. However, all of the older discs have the specific Discraft number ranking. Discraft Plastic: Pro D Plastic offers value and quality it's great for beginners or pros. It's the most economical and has superior grip. It is available in numerous colors. This is a cheaper plastic that will wear and tear easier. Elite X Plastic has better grip, even in the rain. It will have more consistent flight paths than Pro D as it holds up better over time. More to come! Dynamic Disc, Latitude 64, and Westside Plastics Dynamic Disc uses a similar flight ranking system to Innova. If you can understand the basics that we have gone over at the beginning then you can easily read their system and learn what the discs do. Dynamic Discs is a great company that we love to personally work with. They have been the sponsor of Urban Combat for multiple years running! Overall a great company and crew to work with and obviously the write has a bias with this company. So, I'll let them explain their products. Dynamic Disc offers a breakdown with prices of all the plastic offered from these companies. It is done way better than I could and there is a plethora of information click here to find out more detailed information about what they have to offer! Combat Disc Golf is proud to offer a variety of discs from each of these manufactures and would be happy to help you determine which discs would be best for you. Please contact us or come by the pro-shop at 200 W Main Ave, Bowling Green, KY 42101. We have everything you need to assault the chains!
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